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Where Changing Lives Began

Updated: May 22, 2019

I can still remember the smallness of the room, the blue fake leather adjusting table, the AC making even an Eskimo cold, Dr. Wells lecturing and the moment I realized that I could no longer be a 'traditional' chiropractor now knowing what I had just learned. As chiropractic students you are first trained in traditional techniques and as you progress through the program you learn many other specialized techniques such as upper cervical specific. I always knew I wanted to do something off the normal path and see some of the sickest of the sick patients find relief but it wasn't till this moment that I had finally found how I would accomplish that.

I had spent a multitude of hours up to this point learning everything I could about the body.

Chiropractic School Hours:

540- Anatomy

240- Physiology

360- Pathology

165- Chemistry

120- Microbiology

630- Diagnosis

320- Neurology

360- Radiology

210- Orthopedics

Plus many others that equaled to 3065 hours worth of doctorate schooling (More than the M.D. program of 2706) and it wasn't until the trimester before I went to the outpatient clinic that all of those hours and tests clicked.


Who controls all of your muscles? the brain. Who controls every organ in your body? your brain. Who tells your cells to regenerate? your brain. Who tells you what hormones to secrete? the brain. Who begins the process of healing? you probably guessed it but YOUR BRAIN!

Now our brain doesn't text or call our cells or muscles to tell them what to do or how to do it, it uses a highway system of nerves found leaving our brain through our brain stem and spinal cord. BOTH of these structures are found within your Atlas bone (the top bone of your spine) and are susceptible to an interference or kinking of the brain's vital communication from this bone shifting out from its normal position.

So it was in that cold classroom that my life work came to me...

Correct this bone and you can do what no spinal or neurosurgeon can do...

you will correct the brain...naturally

Pictures of Dr. Courtney while at Parker Chiropractic School with Dr. Will Duncan (Bates Chiropractic & Sport Shreveport, LA) & Dr. Rachael Durst (Eastgate Chiropractic Clinic Shreveport, LA):

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