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I Went to a Wedding & Somehow Learned Why the U.S. is SO Sick

This last weekend I went to a beautiful wedding in Corpus Christi, Texas. I had never been to a Catholic church or wedding so this was a first for me. But there was something said that just stuck with me. The priest made a point that when you get married its for ever (which was not my ah-ha moment) but then he ended with this....its our DUTY to be PRESENT in our spouses lives but also our children's and it's our DUTY to teach our children to be GOOD HUMAN BEINGS.

So if you have met me I am sure you can envision what happened next...I chased a mental squirrel.

How many times do we sacrifice being present in our REAL lives to be present in our social media lives? How many times do we give up playing a board game or puzzle or even just sitting outside because were laying on the couch on our phones? How many times do we mindlessly find ourselves sitting on our phones and cant even remember what we got on them to do in the first place? How many times do we catch ourselves shrugging off a moment to teach a lesson because it would just entail too much effort?

We sacrifice teaching our children to be good human beings because we are too busy scrolling through Instagram or watching a Snapchat.

Its much easier to take our kids to a doctor and have them diagnosed with a disorder so that we don't have to feel guilty for not being present. Its much easier to have them drugged all day so they don't bother our Pinteresting or Twittering. Its much easier to get them to stop bugging us if we knock them out with a sleeping pill that has to counteract something else they took earlier in the day. And it is FOR SURE easier to blame guns for someone literally dying to be noticed, yet, we have been provoking this behavior and drugging them up since they were born.

The United States is one of the SICKEST country in the world, yet we have healthcare at the tips of our fingers.

So maybe vaccines and the food we chose to eat plays a part in it. BUT maybe its because we are the least present and the least focused on teaching our children how to become great human beings that now we have the SICKEST POPULATION OF CHILDREN TO DATE.

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