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Why choose us?

"It’s really simple once Dr. Sproul and staff explain to you what one little bone can do to your whole body! I was a very ailed man prior to my visits. Yes it took time and discipline, but the results and knowledge obtained through these adjustments are worth it. I highly recommend Legacy and I am so fortunate to have found them!"



Feel like there is no one who can help?


"So many of our patients were in your shoes not too long ago too. The incredible thing about what we do here at Legacy is that we give hope and life back to those who were hopeless. Getting to the root cause and using structure and neurology to effect how you function has proven LIFE CHANGING for so many who walk through our doors and it can be for you too.


Were ready to change your life, are you?"

-Dr. Courtney Sproul-Martin

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What is

Upper Cervical Care?

What is

Spinal Care?

Find out more about this neurological based approach to healthcare and how its changing lives

What is
Upper Cervical?

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