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What is Upper Cervical Spinal Care?


Your upper neck houses some of the most important structures found within your body. It is home to your brain-stem, spinal cord, nerves and blood supply to your brain. Since your entire body requires a clear line of communication to and from these structures, it is crucial that there be no interference here. Any miscommunication will cause symptoms to show up throughout our entire body and brain and will become more intense over time. We are able to eliminate this through light adjustments and, when necessary, decompression therapy. 




At Legacy we use a specific and specialized form of upper cervical chiropractic care that realigns the skull and upper neck using custom and precise x-rays and measurements. This specific form of chiropractic has been developed to safely align and clear the central pathway for brain and body communication through the brain-stem, spinal cord, nerves and blood flow. Through this adjustment, balance is naturally restored to the brain, spine and body. This safe and light adjustment has been proven to restore health to thousands of people who were told that there was

no help left.  

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