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Arm, Elbow & Wrist


Many times, disruptions in our arms are due to the median nerve which originates in the neck. This nerve runs through the shoulder, arm and forearm into the wrist and hand. It is one of the major nerves that provides sensation and movement. Many patients will notice they have begun to have shooting pains, dropping objects, have difficulty lifting or gripping small items, have decreased range of motion or pain while performing daily actions. 

Can you help?


Problems in the neck or cervical spine can be as simple as poor posture and muscle tension, or as serious as disc bulges, arthritis, or spinal misalignments. In our office we perform nerve scans which evaluate the median nerve as well as other nerves that innervate the arm which start at the neck and work down to the arms, hands, wrists and fingers. Since the neck is the most common site for nerve impingements, a consultation with an upper cervical doctor is crucial.  The purpose of upper cervical care is to correct misalignments in the neck that produce irritation to the nerves that extends to the wrist, hands and fingers. Clinical findings in our office have discovered that this can prevent the need for surgery.

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