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Did you know that chiropractic care can benefit all ages?

During the first few years of life, essential neuro-development changes occur that are crucial to a child's lifelong growth and development.

Through pediatric chiropractic care, a child has the ability to grow and thrive from the start of life!

Birth To Development

From birth trauma to everyday bumps and falls, upper cervical chiropractic offers natural, drug-free solutions to keep your children developing at their full potential.

Common Conditions Cared for Naturally

  • Colic, reflux, constipation, nursing & digestive issues

  • Ear, sinus & respiratory issues

  • Autism, ADHD, anxiety, & Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Asthma, allergies, & other immune challenges

Benefits of Nervous System Focused Care:

  • Reduce nerve interference (subluxation) and tension from their system

  • Immune & digestive function improve

  • Growth & development are restored

Benefits of Consistent Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

  • Improved sleep, digestion, & nursing in infants

  • Less illness & infections, with more rapid recovery

  • Improved behavior, concentration & mood

  • Better connection & perception of their environment

Side Effects May Include:

  • Improved posture & coordination

  • More favorable report cards

  • Improved sports performance

  • Happier kids and families

When Is The Best Time To Have My Child Checked?

Immediately or soon after birth to ensure proper development, or if they are experiencing any health challenges, or you are wanting to set the foundation in your little ones health.

Interested in what pediatric chiropractic can do for your little one? Scroll down to see some of the kiddos we have seen flourish through upper cervical chiropractic care

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