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How Do I Heal With Nervous System Focused Chiropractic?

There are three different phases when we talk about healing through nervous system focused Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

  1. When you first experience nervous system upper cervical chiropractic care, you will enter phase

O N E of healing. This phase of healing works on breaking through emotional and physical stress patterns while allowing the nervous system to reorganize to adapt better to the external environment. When your nervous system receives input from a upper cervical chiropractic adjustment, a disruption to emotional and biomechanics patterns occurs. Not only does your body gain an increase of sensation of awareness and connection, but it allows your body to FEEL more than you previously did.

If your body experiences slight discomfort (such as being sore like a hard workout would do), this is another sign that the body is working on reorganizing to enter into phase TWO of healing!

2. During phase TWO the adaptation healing phase of upper cervical chiropractic, the body begins to break out of the previous stress patterns it has been functioning in + start to ADAPT in a whole new way! You might experience an increase in freedom and resiliency within the body and nervous system, elimination of symptoms, and increased levels of function all usually happen within this phase!

During this phase, consistency is KEY! You body begins to hold a stable pattern but can easily fall back into the old patterns of stress.

3. In phase THREE the integration phase of upper cervical chiropractic care, a new normal is established between the brain and body, improving overall function. This phase of care allows for better perception of the environment, improving healing withIN, while experiencing life optimally!

With consistent nervous system focused upper cervical chiropractic care, practice members will feel a sense of ease, vitality, and well-being!

Are you ready to take your health to the next level? Give us a call at 806-783-0644 or make an appointment online to see how Legacy Spine + Nerve Care can help you thrive in every direction of your life!

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