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Pediatrics and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Although falls, bumps, bruises, scrapes and wrestling matches are often what comes to mind when we think of our children getting hurt, neurological stress can actually start much earlier than we realize. We now know that most neurological and physical stress first begins during the birthing process and can cause lifelong changes.

To add on top of that, our kids live in a busier, more complex generation than we or our parents did. Schedules are packed, phones are in young hands, social media is everywhere, and food quality isn’t what it used to be. Simply put, we ALL have more stress than ever coming from every direction, and all combined, it can be overwhelming for all bodies young and old!

The more ‘stressors’ build up, the harder it is for our bodies to adapt and overcome, leaving our kids’ nervous system stuck in overdrive.

How can you help?

Think of the spine as not just a collection of bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves, but instead as an entire neurological “organ” that is the key communication highway between the brain and body. When the brain and body can communicate well, kids can adapt to their surroundings better and give their body the ability to adapt and heal from stressors. Adapting is a key word, and why Upper Cervical Chiropractic can be helpful to kids.

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