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3 Ways To Set Your Week Up For Success

Who doesn't love to start the week off completely ready and refreshed?

We absolutely love getting to work Monday morning feeling like we are rested and ready to tackle the week ahead. It helps us stay focused and intentional about how we treat each and every one of our patients. SOOO...since school is about to throw all of our normalcy up in the air, here are three great ideas to keep refreshed and ready for the weeks to come.

Reflect and Plan:

Now I will be honest, I'm a work in progress on this one. Most times I hit the ground running on the weekend because I have so many things I would like to potentially accomplish. But, Friday evening is a great time to reflect on the past week and plan out your upcoming week. Doing this on Friday allows you to enter your weekend on a clean slate + makes it easier to pick back up on Monday after using the weekend to reset and refresh. Keeping this schedule and regimen means that you are able to close the door on the last week, good or bad, and open the door to the upcoming week and all its possibilities. (This was the sunset a few weekends ago with NO FILTER...God is so cool!)

Schedule Your Rest:

Resting may be the MOST essential factor in productivity, but often the most underestimated one. To avoid burnout, make sure you take time throughout the week and weekend to de stress by adding in a scheduled self care regime + prioritizing your rest time. Some will do best with relaxing in front of of the TV, others will enjoy stopping and getting a manicure, but Colt and I enjoy going to the country and riding around. Whatever your THING is, DO IT!

Prioritize A Morning Routine:

A morning routine helps set the tone for the day, allowing us to control our schedules instead of our schedules controlling us. Trying waking up 30 minutes earlier then you normally would to plan out your day and prioritize any tasks you have for the day. One thing that I have learned to make time for in the morning is walking. I have gotten the ability to see the world wake up and mentally prep for the day ahead. Plus our doggies really enjoy it!

Now I'm not perfect, or anywhere close but, I make a huge effort to try and reset before I tackle what's to come the following week. Why? Because every one of y'alls smiling faces deserves the best I have to give. 😍

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