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No question that this school year is completely new to each of us. Whether you or your family will be going into kindergarten, online high school or just the fall will be different. Here's a few tips on how to handle ALL THE CHANGE.

Start a trend.

Start something new with your friends and/or family. Get together one Sunday a month for an all girls brunch. Have sit down family dinners once a week. Become a 'phone free family' once a week for an evening full of games. Start a walking group with your neighbors. Whatever it is, make a healthy trend a new staple!

Get adjusted.

Getting your body physically adjusted helps you better prepare to get mentally adjusted. Stress comes in many forms but it has the same result...inflammation. And we all know inflammation is one word we never want to hear when it comes to our bodies and we definitely know we don't want compounding inflammation. So keep inflammation at bay and stay well adjusted!

Support the system.

Find things that you ENJOY, but that support a healthy body as a whole. Whether it's a healthy diet or essential oils, find things that will support you throughout the change. Some of my favorites are ginger tea and essential oils such as valor, stress away and lavender.

These next few months will be new terrain. For EVERYONE. But we are in this together and we are here for you!

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